We will pass in history

The success of Italians in the USA Alessio Sundas, sports attorney at the head of American Group Sports Management, the only agency that values American football players. In America, American football is highly valued, while soccer is not well valued.

Precisely for this reason, Alessio Sundas, decided a year and a half ago to invest in the USA with the opening of a large company.

Many players have adopted the VPM method, i.e. Valuation and Promotion Marketing of the footballer. An exclusive method patented and invented by the FIFA agent Alessio Sundas. Alessio Sundas. The project is to make known and enhance the value of American footballers.

Your American players. Above all, make them become stellar players known all over the world. Obviously, the project is not limited only to the image of the player, but also provides

A lot of work, because thanks to the VPM method, every week the players will be observed by the Match Analysts with the videos, just like in the past.

Match Analysts with videos, just to improve the player. This work in America had never been done before, as the players were abandoned to themselves, but thanks to this revolutionary method of Alessio Sundas this will not happen anymore. And so, American soccer, will take its place among the best leagues in the world.


The great success of the Italian entrepreneur Alessio Sundas continues. Last year he landed in the United States for a mission that will go down in the history of American Soccer: to valorize this sport and American players in the world.

The Sport Man company, owned by the Italian player’s agent, has begun the valorization of European soccer players to finish their careers in the United States in MLS.

Among the big names of world soccer that have played in America we can remember Giovinco Ibrahimovic Beckham and many others and last but not least Higuain.

The reason for investing in the United States, first with the Italian company Sport Man and now with American Group Sport Management, is to enhance the value of young American soccer players around the world. But that’s not all, according to General Manager Sundas, the young American player at the moment is not valued either in terms of advertising his name or in terms of technique which is essential to complete the player.

It’s difficult to explain to the press the great work that lies behind the complex method of VPM because it was created with secret and exclusive procedures, but once put to work, the player will become complete and ready to audition in all clubs around the world with excellent results. Thanks to this historical operation you will hear about transfers of many American players and thanks to the entrepreneur AlessioSsundas the American Soccer will be equal to the English and European one.