In the United States, soccer is not as popular as other sports like baseball, basketball and American football. The players work a lot on the athletic part but not on the technique part. On that note, the technical sheet is hardly made by anyone. That is the reason why we decided to create the soccer academy and bring our extraordinary method of VPM to America.
The Miami Magic FC academy is revolutionizing football in the United States of America. The soccer program is aimed to enhance the player with a method called VPM during the minimum course of 12 months.

The athlete will have:

1) A video material filmed by professional cameras and the secret method of VPM will be applied.
2) Match Analysis- the data provided by the match analysis will be analyzed and will be compared with managers and coaches to decide the improvement path of the young athlete.
3) The technical evaluation sheet-
It is a technical sheet that will be produced from the headquarter located in Europe. It will include all the videos and data that will be used by the club to evaluate the skills of the player.
4) Periodic updates- the data sheet will be updated with the new improvement data once a month.
5) Defenitive technical data sheet- once the evaluation of the player has been completed. All the technical sheets drawn up in the 12 months will be assembled in a single document.
6) Enhancement- The last step will be entrusted to 2 sport management companies; one in Europe and one in Florida. Which will be responsible for transmitting and enhancing it in clubs all over the world.

Transmission and exploitation extra economic agreement of the academy’s

1st phase- request for registration at the academy (participants from age 14 to 18 ).
2nd phase- after being selected, the test will be organized at the academy 
3rd phase- after passing the test, you will enter the academy which will last at least 12 months (costs and estimate sent by email). The academy is not open to everyone and has limited spots.