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American Group Sports Management LLC

• Sportsmen and Soccer Players

Moving to the United States to practice any sport is possible.
The American Group Sports Management LLC is a point of reference to receive advice and present the sports curriculum to the soccer clubs and other sports clubs.
The company is based in Florida and it was founded to propose players in Major League Soccer (also known by the acronym of MLS) and in lower categories and to bring male and female soccer players from the USA to European countries.

The American Group Sports Management has set itself the goal to involve by 2022 all the disciplines through intermediations of athletes’ exchanges between the USA and European countries and vice versa.

An Italian company that produces hams can be sponsored by a baseball athlete who uses an Italian-made ham instead of holding the bat and also uses the associated Italian company logos.

The idea is to replace the sports “tool” with the products to promote.
A mozzarella instead of a baseball ball, a ball of wool in place of a golf ball, a tasty scamorza instead of a volley ball, carrots used as darts.

The dream of the American Group Sports Management LLC is to advertise the great Italian wines in the halftime of the Super Bowl or during the NBA Final.
The Italian company that wants to break into the American market can use our advice to obtain a high-quality result and in full compliance with European and US laws.

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